my elbows are like buttcheeks. firm and hairy...mine anyways

fancy frito
10 July
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Hello my names gargantuous gregory. I have purple earings and I can make you feel all warm inside. I have an extra nipple located under one of my many hairy armpits and I find it absolutely charming how my ass cheeks can squeeze so tightly. I have an ass the size of a watermelon on acid. I like swimming in the rain, polka dotted panties, and coloring in pictures. I also enjoy reading romance novels starring a cast of very seductive animals(octopus's are my favorite) and making mad passionate paper flowers with asian puppies..or huskies. sometimes I like em built. I enjoy dancing in front of computers, touching tables, and rubbing my ass on the chair. My online activites are such things as being gay, pretending im gay, and talking to gay people. Fat men rule. p.s I'm not gay.

1-900 hot stallion, accidental crotch shots, acid indigestion, art, artichokes, badges and plungers, bedpans, being knocked up, benjamin pheonix, bright eyes, broccoli farts, buffalo sundaes, calloused elbows, cheek teeth, chopstix, coldplay, cow suits, culture, damien rice, dancing tortoises, deftones, depends, dial tones, diskettes, ebaums world, enlarged hips, family guy, flying seals, fryalators, hairy knees, hamburg polish, hot pink mullets, huge nostrils, humpty dumpty, ike turner, independent films, ingrown toenails, jeremy piven, john cusack, john lovitz, kickin' tits, koolaid, lemons, logs, looking like danny devito, looking like david bowie, looking like mister t, looking like rod stewart, matthew, memento, metal cupboards, muffinfilms.com, mullets, nature, obstacle courses, occasional burping, ovaltine, overbites, oxygen, pepto bismo, photography, pi, pigeons, pixie sticks, plastic sheets, plungers, portishead, pure bred coasters, radiohead, raindrops, requiem for a dream, rotary phones, scavenger hunts, serendipity, snowsuits and heels, stix, sundaes without fly wings, tattoos, teaberry gum, titless coconuts, toothbrushes, toothless grins, topless male toothfairies, topless toothfairies, unscraped body parts, when i lack toothaches, white-out, wooden mullets, wooden spoons, wooden teeth, writing